Commerce is all about getting a knowledge  about how business, finance, accounting and industry works in the country. You will put on an awareness  about the  economics,  market , finance  and other business policies whle studying commerce.This stream  also offers an ocean of opportunities for the students who want to excel their academic career and grab the topnotch corporate positions.The stream offers lucrative career and  financial security as well.Often , students with intellectual bent choose this career, because  it offers lots of challenge  and career opportunities.With the exploration of business world , more and more students choose attractive careers in commerce stream.

Dr. Amit Narain Parihast is a seasoned academician and started Centre4knowledge in 2000 .It is one of the most renowned  commerce academies in Gurgaon established to offer  quality education in the field of commerce . Centre4knowledge has earned a formidable place and best known for providing unmatched education to the students who prepare for competitive exams.They offer coaching classes for Class XI, Class XII – CBSE, ICSE Board . The major subjects taught in the Commerce stream in Class 11 and 12 is Economics, Accountancy and Business Studies.   Our  expert teachers have decades of teaching experiences in teaching these subjects in various renowned  institutes.

You need to rethink  before choosing  any professional course after class 12, that would bring them both success and  financial security . Nevertheless, what most students do not understand is that a student also needs to have a certain ability for commerce to be completely successful in this field  because it offers  tremendous competition .

Centre4knowledgek has hired competent faculty who train our students for competitive  exams CA  -CPT.CA course  is considered as the toughest  professional course in India . Currently, passing  rate in Foundation  course is approx 15%, Inter 4-8 % & Final 3-8 % . That shows the urge of  getting proper coaching to face the challenges of  CA exam.We train our students in all the four areas like mercantile laws,  accounts, general economics and quantitative aptitude. Centre4knowledge is a quality establishment that imparts training of creative and well-known business ethics through excellent modules of inclusive financial administrations.

Our faculty includes  Chartered Accountants, Commerce Post Graduates  and Advocates . Centre4knowledge offers coaching for IX and XII classes.Our students have managed to secure top ranks in Gurgaon since last twelve years. Our founder ,  Dr. Amit Narain Parihast has extensive  teaching experience of  around 15 years in the field of commerce.

Lastly , Students who aspire to choose the commerce stream should always remember  that this stream is not a simple choice as compared to science. Both science and commerce are difficult study areas in their own ways and never deserved  to be compared. Therefore, if a student chooses  to pursue the Commerce field just  because they feel that science is not an ideal  stream for them, they require to think twice about their decision.  Basically, the Commerce field should be pursued by  those students who have  talent and have   a keen interest in the subject.